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The ability to build such a wealth of skills and experience in such a short time was incredible. My instructors made every session count, to the point where I couldn't wait to go to class just to see what I would come away with that day.

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Scholarships and discounts up to 35% are still available for the next cohort starting Sep 23, 2024

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What You’ll Learn

To ensure graduates emerge job-ready on Day 1, our bootcamps are tailored specifically around core skills needed to thrive in various data analysis roles. As you progress through the program, you will work with top industry experts to learn:

  • Fundamentals of data modeling, storytelling and business analytics
  • Mastery of essential programming languages like Python and SQL
  • Expertise with industry-standard data analysis and visualization tools such as Excel and Tableau
  • Data processing and management using RDBMS, ETL, and data engineering

At the conclusion of your program, you will complete a Capstone project simulating real-world application, including data-driven analysis and planning for a simulated business use case showcasing your new expertise for potential employers.


High Demand, High Salary Returns

In addition to being one of the most in-demand fields in the country, data analytics jobs offer top salaries at all career levels. In fact, data analysis professionals see a median starting salary between $90-$110K, according to Glassdoor.

Median Salary:

$90 - $110K

Our bootcamp prepares you for a variety of high-return careers, including:

  • Data Analyst

    Investigate and manipulate data to find actionable insights

  • Data Scientist

    Build frameworks to organize data and facilitate high-level analysis

  • Data Engineer

    Organize, structure and model data using cutting-edge tools

  • Business Analyst

    Translate complex customer data into ROI-positive strategies

  • Marketing Analyst

    Use data to make critical decisions about customer acquisition

  • Financial Analyst

    Improve decision-making around budgets through data insights


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An Affordable Education That Stacks Up on Quality

Online bootcamps from StackRoute Learning, focus on driving career outcomes through mentor-led, interactive training. Take a look at how StackRoute's education experience compares to other top bootcamp providers.

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Modular Course Options

As an alternative to a full bootcamp experience, students have the ability to enroll in progressive, 7-10 week modules which focus on core subsets of the data analytics skillset.
  • Fundamentals of Data Analytics and Modeling

    Build mastery with fundamental tools and languages including Excel and SQL

  • Advanced Data Analysis and Scripting Using Python

    Develop advanced skills with data visualization and data libraries, and build mastery of Python

  • Data Visualization and Reporting With Tableau

    Manipulate multi-dimensional data, create visualizations for spatial and relational data, and build advanced dashboards.


Launch your career in Data Analytics in just 6
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